How To Make Hot Dog Fried Rice

Wondering how to use up those leftover hot dogs?  This hot dog fried rice will become your new go-to dish.  On the table in under 20 minutes, it's perfect for a weeknight family meal.

Why You Will ❤️  This Recipe

* Cheap but filling & nutritious meal

* Great way to use up leftovers

* All cooked in one pan

*Egg Free & Gluten Free options

Ingredients Needed

Step One:

Fry off sliced hot dog, onions, garlic, carrots & peas in sesame oil.

Step Two:

Break eggs in one side of pan, whisk with fork and cook until set.

Step Three:

Slice eggs into strips with a spatula.

Step Four:

Sitr in. cooked rice and coconut aminos / soy sauce.

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