Sweet Potato Coconut & Chilli Soup

This Sweet Potato, Coconut and Chilli Soup is packed with nourishing ingredients and a blend of spicy and sweet flavours.  It's vegan, gluten-free & perfect for a cosy night in or as a healthy lunch option.

Why You Will ❤️  This Recipe

* Dairy & Gluten Free.

* Delightful blend of spicy, sweet & creamy.

* Great with a chunk of crusty bread.

* Spice level can be adjusted

Ingredients Needed

Step One:

Fry off chopped onion in a saucepan until translucent.

Step Two:

Add diced sweet potato, garlic, chilli flakes and chilli powder.

Step Three:

Next, add the vegetable stock and coconut milk, then simmer for 20-25 minutes.

Step Four:

Blend the soup with a stick blender and season to taste.

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