How To Make Five Guys Copycat Burger

Step One:

Roll the meat into equal sized balls.  You will need two balls per person as each burger has two hamburger patties in it.

Step Two:

Place a square of parchment paper on a chopping board, then place the meat ball on top of the paper.  Put another square of paper on top of the ball of meat and press down with the palm of your hand and squash until the patties are around ½ cm thick.

Step Three:

You can also use the underside of a saucepan to push the patty down. You won’t have a perfectly round burger, but the imperfect edges will crisp up a little and this is what gives that Five Guys taste.

Step Four:

Toast the sliced buns in a hot dry pan for around 30 seconds.

Step Five:

Fry burgers on a medium-high heat for 30 seconds or so then flip over with a spatula and press down on top of the burgers with the spatula.

Step Six:

Let them cook for a couple of minutes before flipping over again and cooking for another 1-2 minutes until well done.

Step Seven:

Squirt mayo on the top bun. Use a knife to spread it to the edges.  The ketchup and mustard is then squirted on the bottom bun.

Step Eight:

Place one of the burger patties on the bottom bun, then top with two slices of the processed cheese,  adding the next patty on top of the cheese, before putting on the top bun.  Give the whole thing a good squish down with your hand.

Step Nine:

Wrap the burger in tin foil, folding each corner of foil into the middle of the burger and wrapping tightly.  This will soften the bun and melt the cheese just like it would in the restaurant.


 Either leave it in the foil for a few minutes to allow the cheese to melt or even better place in the oven (in the foil) for five minutes or so.!!