How To Make Roast Potatoes In The Slow Cooker

Crispy and crunchy on the outside yet soft and fluffy on the inside!  These Crispy Slow Cooker Roast Potatoes are a great alternative way to cook your Sunday favourite!

Why You Will ❤️  This Recipe

* Free up space in your oven!

* Fluffy on the inside crispy on the outside

* Cheaper than using a conventional oven

* Easy to prepare

Ingredients Needed

Step One:

Add olive oil to the slow cooker and set to "high"

Step Two:

Peel the potatoes and chop into thirds or quarters depending on size.

Step Three:

Par boil in a saucepan for 10 mins, then drain. Put potatoes back in pan and shake to fluff up the outside of the potatoes

Step Four:

Place potatoes in the slow cooker with the onion salt, garlic granules & dried rosemary. Stir gently.

Step Five:

Place a clean, dry tea towel* over the top of the slow cooker then put the lid on.

* This soaks up the moisture which results in crispy potatoes.

Step Six:

Cook on high for 3 hours, turning every hour.

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